The first bloom on our iris variety “Rare Edition” opened on, April 29, 2024.

In our experience, it will be about four weeks until the start of the peak bloom, around May 27, EARLIER if the warm weather continues.

We'll add new photos to our album to show the bloom progress.

Don't miss it!

With warm weather or lots of rain, peak bloom lasts around two weeks, with cool weather a little longer.   


15.05.2024 - new photos added

das IrisFeld

a display garden with roses and iris

'das IrisFeld'


is a project that started in 2018 with the aim of establishing an iris display garden in the eastern part of Switzerland.


Inspired by the iris field at the Merian Gardens in Basel, our aim is to put together a bearded iris collection that will appeal not only to fellow iris and garden enthusiasts but also the casual admirer. We would like to share our passion for this beautiful plant which comes in all colours of the rainbow and encourage more people to grow them in their gardens. 


'das IrisFeld' is located in the picturesque village of Oetlishausen by Hohentannen, in the canton of Thurgau.


The property also boasts a beautiful garden with a lovely collection of roses and boxwoods interplanted with an array of perennials.

The project

Our dream is to establish one of the largest tall bearded iris collections in the eastern part of Switzerland.


Our concept

Iris beds interplanted with roses to ensure a bloom display during the entire gardening season.

Display garden

Both the iris field and the main garden are open for public viewing during the entire bloom season.


If you are interested in bearded iris or roses, you won’t be disappointed – pay us a visit.

'das IrisFeld'
Iris- und Rosen-Schaugarten / iris and rose display garden


Oetlishauserstrasse 1

9216 Hohentannen

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